About  ILL-LEM
Heat for hire
Grindaholic! Hit me up! Im outchea!
                                         First and for most music producer. I have made music since I was nine did a lot of underground music that hit main stream for various artist. I'm really known as the one who dropped his phone and got found.
                                      Second a lyrical weapon has been my layout since I first started been known for that affiliation. 502 What it do! I'm also known to be one to inspire a lot lighting a match to the up and coming. Truly born from the root of rap raised in the 90's era has gave me a wild but demographic perspective with in growth with the game.                                               
                     Just starting to put out my own projects. Just because at first it was all for the love of the game but so many people were looking at me as if I got a third eye connected to my mind as like what are you doing here with all that product getting played!  I like to thank all those that ever looked out for me, held me down, inspired me, or gave me any shout outs. That list goes from CEO's, rappers, singers, actors, NY,KY,CA, GA, all over. You gone have to hit me on the bizz line though I Grind infenitely. Plus a father! So check me right! 
​Studio Service
DJ services
$25 dollars an hour! We rather be convient in embracing the development of the artist. Rather then income blocking your drive.
We are an open line for all DJ's. We can get any dj you like. If needed bigger anyone you like! Contact us directly for booking arangement.
Mastering is a time grasping procedure. Can do will do fee is set in contracts.